Existence of solutions on the critical hyperbola for a pure Lane-Emden system with Neumann boundary conditions.

Abstract: I will present some recent results obtained in collaboration with A. Pistoia and H. Tavares for a Lane-Emden system on a bounded regular domain with Neumann boundary conditions and critical nonlinearities. We show that, under suitable conditions on the exponents in the nonlinearities, least-energy (sign-changing) solutions exist. In the proof we exploit a dual variational formulation which allows to deal with the strong indefinite character of the problem, and we establish a compactness condition which is based on a new Cherrier type inequality. We then prove such condition by using as test functions the solutions to the system in the whole space and performing delicate asymptotic estimates. I will also briefly present existence of least-energy solutions for the particular case in which the system reduces to a biharmonic equation, and some symmetry results in the case the domain is an annulus.

Date: Dec 06, 2022 at 12:00:00 h
Venue: Sala de seminarios del DIM piso 5, Torre Norte, Beauchef 851
Speaker: Delia Schiera
Affiliation: Instituto Superior Técnico, Lisbon
Coordinator: Gabrielle Nornberg
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Posted on Dec 5, 2022 in Differential Equations, Seminars