U. de Chile and Ministry of Education launch MATCON, interactive website to enhance learning

U. de Chile and Ministry of Education launch MATCON, interactive website to enhance learning

MATCON is an unprecedented interactive website of mathematical scenarios to enhance learning in elementary and secondary education. The platform is freely accessible and regularly updated. In addition, a mobile application will soon be available.


The Center for Mathematical Modeling (CMM) of the University of Chile, together with the Ministry of Education, launched MatCon, an unprecedented website that will provide 100 interactive mathematical learning situations, focused on levels from 7th grade to 4th grade.

Some examples of the situations that teachers will be able to address in their classrooms thanks to MatCon are: Where would be the best place to locate a solar plant to supply energy to Concepción; how has the beaver population increased in Tierra del Fuego; or how to argue mathematically the existence of a mega drought in the central zone.

The coordinator of Matemática Conectada (MatCon) and CMM professional, Ricardo Fredes, pointed out that “this project seeks to provide innovative educational resources that allow teachers to manage mathematics teaching that addresses the motivations and concerns of children and adolescents”.

The director of the Education Laboratory and also director of Innovation and Transfer of the CMM, Salomé Martínez, said that “these learning situations have a very powerful moment of engagement, which is where students are motivated to get involved in a problem. Teachers can raise many other questions in the context of the problem presented. MatCon does not limit or impose a model, but invites innovation in the classroom”.

The website contains a series of educational resources (videos, infographics, presentations, work guides, interactive resources and databases) that aim to facilitate the construction of learning with problems relevant to society and that trigger processes focused on the development of skills.

Gloria Baeza, profesora de matemáticas y profesional del CMM, detalló que “para cada situación de aprendizaje se sugiere una gestión dividida en 4 momentos: presentación de la situación, construcción de conocimientos, sistematización, y evaluación y práctica”.

Desde el Centro de Modelamiento Matemático hicieron hincapié en que MatCon también propone situaciones de aprendizaje para el Plan de Formación Diferenciada científico-humanista, permite a los usuarios descargar todos los recursos en formato editable y está disponible en la página del Currículum Nacional.

Gloria Baeza, mathematics teacher and CMM professional, explained that “for each learning situation a management divided into 4 moments is suggested: presentation of the situation, construction of knowledge, systematization, and evaluation and practice”.

The Center for Mathematical Modeling emphasized that MatCon also proposes learning situations for the Plan de Formación Diferenciada científico-humanista (Differentiated Scientific-Humanistic Education Plan), allows users to download all the resources in editable format and is available on the Currículum Nacional (National Curriculum, from the Ministry of Education) webpage.


Reactivation of Mathematics

During the digital launch of the website, the executive secretary of the Ministry of Education’s Plan de Reactivación Educativa Integral (Comprehensive Educational Reactivation Plan), Joaquín Walker, highlighted the CMM initiative and, at the same time, explained part of the strategies “to recover the system from the enormous consequences of the prolonged closure of educational facilities due to the pandemic”.

“These three main axes are: first, how we work on the wellbeing, mental health and communal living of the educational communities; second, how we work on assistance and linkage; and, third, how we improve and strengthen learning,” the government authority explained.


By Alonso Farías Ponce, CMM Communications

Posted on Jun 5, 2023 in News