The soliton problem for water waves models with a varying medium.

Abstract: We focus on the study of solitary waves for two deep water wave models: the Whitham equation and the Zakharov water waves system. In particular, we analyse the behaviour of a solitary wave when it encounters a change in the environment, for example when the bottom of the domain containing the fluid is altered.

Zakharov water waves system arises as a free surface model for an irrotational and incompressible fluid under the influence of gravity. Such a fluid is considered in a domain with a rigid bottom and a free surface. In this talk, we are interested in analysing the behaviour of the solitary wave solution of the flat-bottom problem when the bottom actually presents a change at some point, where the solitary wave enters into an interaction regime with the bottom.

Date: Oct 30, 2023 at 12:00:00 h
Venue: Sala de seminarios del DIM piso 5, Torre Norte, Beauchef 851
Speaker: María Eugenia Martínez
Affiliation: Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1, Francia.
Coordinator: María Eugenia Martínez
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Posted on Oct 26, 2023 in Differential Equations, Seminars