CMM-Edu resumes the territorial strategy of the “Suma y Sigue” program

CMM-Edu resumes the territorial strategy of the “Suma y Sigue” program

After two years of implementation exclusively in e-learning mode as a result of the pandemic, the “Suma y Sigue” program of the Education Laboratory of the Center for Mathematical Modeling (CMM-Edu) was once again implemented in a semi-face-to-face mode. The team led by its director, Salomé Martínez, began this new phase together with teachers from the Local Public Education Service (SLEP) of Barrancas.

On October 25, the Education Laboratory of the Center for Mathematical Modeling of the University of Chile (CMM-Edu) restarted the face-to-face sessions of its “Suma y Sigue” program, which is part of the initiatives for the Educational Reactivation Plan of the Ministry of Education (Mineduc). On this occasion, work began with the Local Public Education Service (SLEP) of Barrancas, which administers the public schools and high schools in the municipalities of Cerro Navia, Lo Prado and Pudahuel, in the Metropolitan Region of Chile.

“Suma y Sigue”, a professional teacher training program, distinguished with the UNESCO-Hamdan bin Rashid Al Maktoum award, is focused on the development of specialized mathematical knowledge for teaching, has a training model mediated by the use of technologies and has been developed and implemented in collaboration with the Ministry of Education since 2015. The program has 16 courses aimed at elementary and middle school teachers.

Currently, through a collaboration with the Centro de Perfeccionamiento, Experimentación e Investigaciones Pedagógicas (CPEIP) of the Mineduc, 4 new courses are being developed, increasing the curricular coverage of the program and incorporating the development of skills for the preparation of teaching and evaluation of learning. At the same time, this collaboration has the objective of installing the “Suma y Sigue” program in 5 Local Public Education Services (SLEP), building capacities in the territories that enhance the impact of the program.

Salomé Martínez, director of CMM-Edu, welcomed the teachers who attended the first workshop of the “Suma y Sigue: Working with Rational Numbers”. She was joined by CPEIP’s technical chief, Mónica Espina; Jacqueline Almonacid, a professional from the Continuing Education Area; Ilsse Castillo, a pedagogical advisor from the Barrancas Local Public Education Service; and Sebastián Crawford, CMM-Edu’s Implementation and Evaluation Coordinator.

Mónica Espina, technical chief of CPEIP; Jacqueline Almonacid, professional of the Continuing Education Area; Sebastián Crawford, coordinator of Implementation and Evaluation of the CMM-Edu; and Ilsse Castillo, pedagogical advisor of the Local Public Education Service of Barrancas.

Professor Salomé Martínez expressed her satisfaction at the return to face-to-face attendance, since “greater contact with the territories and the teaching communities allows a better understanding of their challenges and training needs. It is a great joy to be able to receive them and reiterate our commitment to public education”.

Meanwhile, the technical head of CPEIP, Mónica Espina, pointed out that “having the Mathematical Modeling Center is a luxury, since it allows us not only to present a training proposal, but also to have an impact in a defined space and place. Our first challenge is to reach the public, in order to install, improve and strengthen practices that are most relevant to what each teacher needs in their classroom development”.

“Teacher training is a fundamental pillar to strengthen public education. With these joint efforts, we hope to continue establishing a significant transformation in the educational field, which favors work in communities, involves the needs of the territory and strengthens the capacities of the Local Public Education Services. Today we started the work with Barrancas and next year 4 Local Services from different territories of the country will be added“, highlighted the CMM-Edu Implementation and Evaluation Coordinator, Sebastián Crawford.

Ilsse Castillo, pedagogical advisor of SLEP Barrancas, thanked the commitment of the teachers attending this session, “since our results are very low, so we need collaboration among teachers. This is the first of many courses and we hope to add more people to increase this collaborative work”.

The “Suma y Sigue” program has had an impact on more than 3,500 teachers, being implemented in 279 communities in all regions of the country. Through collaboration with CPEIP, it is expected that during the period 2023/2025, 1,800 teachers from different areas of Chile will participate in the program.

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Posted on Nov 8, 2023 in News