CMM and French Embassy strengthen ties on the eve of international evaluation by CNRS

CMM and French Embassy strengthen ties on the eve of international evaluation by CNRS

In May the French National Center for Scientific Research will visit Chile to review the affiliation for the next 5 years of the Center for Mathematical Modeling.

Next May 9 and 10, the main authorities of the French National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS) will visit the Center for Mathematical Modeling (CMM), in Santiago de Chile, to evaluate and ratify its scientific affiliation as International Research Laboratory (IRL) number 2807. As a result, on April 11, CMM’s Director of International Relations, Alejandro Maass, organized a meeting with the French Embassy to jointly resume and strengthen the roadmap postponed by the pandemic.

“After COVID, obviously, there have been many disturbances to build a common agenda. This meeting had to do, above all, with the renewal of the French Embassy, particularly in scientific cooperation. We are also preparing, to put it simply, the 25th anniversary of the CMM as a joint unit of the CNRS, and adding activities during this year that will enhance the relationship with mathematics, but also with the entire CNRS network in Chile, Latin America and highlighting the importance of cooperation with France for us as a center”, Maass explained.

The counselor of cooperation and cultural action of the French Embassy and director of the French Institute of Chile, Patrick Flot, pointed out that “it is a very special meeting because of the relationship and the strong trajectory that the CMM has with the CNRS, then with France. I was able to update my knowledge of the activities and see how we can project ourselves, knowing that next year will be a special year of commemoration of 25 years of presence of the CNRS in Chile thanks to the CMM. Mathematics is a tool at the service of society and the challenges of society that we have here in Chile, as in France. Mathematics is finally an essential and transversal science”.

“Coming here is important because it is a major partner that contributes to the bilateral relationship at the scientific and mathematical level, obviously, but also at the general level. The scientific presence in Chile allows us much more than programs, but a relationship of trust, ties between scientists, between institutions and, the example of the CMM, is just this. When something is put together in the long term it gives results and also allows us to build the future”, added Flot, who was accompanied by Agathe Gozzerino, responsible for University and Scientific Cooperation of the French Institute, and Enora Boulanger, a scholarship holder.

For the director of the CMM, Héctor Ramírez, “it was the occasion to tell him about the French Embassy where we are based. We have been cooperating with France for many years and, of course, that with COVID was a bit overshadowed (…) this meeting is extremely relevant to make a common agenda and one of the first steps is the CNRS evaluation that will take place in May”.

“Obviously we are also going to take part in their activities to disseminate Chilean francophone science in Chile, such as the Science Festival in September. But the most important thing is how to highlight the presence of the CNRS in Chile and Latin America, one of the most important relations in the bilateral cooperation that Chile has in science”, added Alejandro Maass.

CNRS Affiliation

In less than a month a delegation of the French National Center for Scientific Research will land in Chile, headed by Christophe Besse, director of the National Institute for Mathematical Sciences and their Interactions (INSMI) of the CNRS, and Jean-Stéphane Dhersin, deputy scientific director and director of international relations of the same institute, with the purpose of evaluating and certifying the CMM as an International Research Laboratory for the next 5 years.

In this line, the counselor of cooperation and cultural action of the French Embassy and director of the French Institute of Chile, assured that “obviously it will continue (the affiliation), because the evaluation is part of a demanding commitment that we have thanks to the CNRS and the CMM understands it very well. We have no doubt that this evaluation, which is a procedure, will allow us to consolidate the relationship with CNRS in the future and we will see it next year, precisely with the commemoration (of the 25th anniversary). We hope that it will be a moment of visibility of the usefulness of a subject like this, of a level of excellence that allows to value the relationship between France and Chile at scientific level”.

“We are very happy that the embassy thinks this way. Of course, an evaluation must always be taken with the seriousness it deserves. We are very confident in the renewal of this affiliation to the CNRS as an international laboratory. We hope that from this visit we will not only be evaluated, but also that new possibilities of collaboration with the CNRS will appear and also that we will be able to articulate things together with the embassy”, answered Héctor Ramírez, director of the CMM.

2024 International Agenda

This meeting represented the first of a series of meetings that the CMM International Relations Department, through Professor Alejandro Maass, is organizing. “We would like to first invite the authorities of the countries that we have an active collaboration, in particular the European Community and the embassies of Japan, the United States and Mexico, to show the potential of the center, discuss openly about what we can do together and how we can enhance cooperation in an open agenda,” he explained.

“It is the first of many similar initiatives with other embassies or other institutions that allow us to improve our civility, both locally, but also internationally. We are an isolated country, we have to make ourselves visible and make science visible, for that we need actions that go in that direction. Science moves in a global world and well, we have to be part of it”, added Ramírez.

Center for Mathematical Modeling

The CMM is today the most active scientific research institution in mathematical modeling in Latin America. It is a center of excellence of the National Agency for Research and Development (ANID) of Chile, integrated by eight partner universities and located at the Faculty of Physical and Mathematical Sciences of the University of Chile. It is also the International Research Laboratory (IRL) #2807 of the French National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS).

Its mission is to create mathematics in response to problems in other sciences, industry and public policy. It seeks to develop science with the highest standards, excellence and rigor in areas such as data science, climate and biodiversity, education, resource management, mining and digital health.

CNRS Mathématiques

The Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS) is the French state research organization and the largest fundamental science agency in Europe. It has a budget of 4 billion euros, 33,000 employees – including 28,000 scientists – and 1,100 research laboratories in France and abroad.

CNRS Mathematics is one of the ten institutes in charge of fundamental research at the CNRS. Its mission is to structure and support the development of research in all aspects of mathematics, from the foundations of the discipline to its interaction with other sciences, industry and society. Previously known as the National Institute for Mathematical Sciences and their Interactions (INSMI), it changed its name to CNRS Mathématiques in October 2023.

By Alonso Farías Ponce, journalist at the Center for Mathematical Modeling.

Posted on Apr 15, 2024 in News