Carlos Conca

Carlos Conca
U. de Chile Researchers
Docteur d’Etat in Mathematical Sciences, Université Pierre et Marie Curie, France (1987)
Docteur Ingénieur, University Pierre et Marie Curie, France (1982)
Civil Engineer in Mathematics, Universidad de Chile (1977)
Institution: Universidad de Chile
Academic hierarchy: Profesor Titular
Research Area:
Mathematical Mechanics
Research interests:
My main research interests are in the area of Nonlinear Mathematical Mechanics, Partial Differential Equations, in particular Navier-Stokes equations and Mathematical Fluid Dynamics. My studies encompass from fundamental theoretical aspects to applied research development, and they are focused on the mathematical analysis of systems governed by partial differential equations, which frequently occur in applied mathematics and engineering sciences.
cconca (at) dim (dot) uchile (dot) cl
+56 2 2978 4459
office: 704
Premio Manuel Noriega Morales en Ciencias Exactas - Organización de Estados Americanos (OEA) - 1994
Premio Manuel Montt - 1996
Cátedra Presidencial en Ciencias - 1996
Professeur Honoris Causa Université de Metz (France) - 1998
Fellow, Academia Chilena de Ciencias - 2001
Premio Nacional de Ciencias Exactas - 2003
Medalla Rectoral Andrés Bello, Universidad de Chile - 2003
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