Seminar CMM

Immune selection determines mutational landscape of cancer and predict response to immunotherapies.

Event Date: Apr 04, 2024 in Seminar CMM, Seminars

Abstract: Natural selection forces govern somatic cell evolution. One of these forces is the immune system that, besides protecting us from viruses and bacteria, recognises our own faulty somatic cells and ultimately shapes the emergence of tumors during a process called immunoediting. However, to what extent genetic variation in cancer undergoes immunoediting, and what are the determinants that predispose somatic cells to become malignant remain poorly understood. By exploiting 10K genomic datasets from 33 tumor types, we have uncovered the extent of natural selection in the cancer genome...

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Turbulent steady states in the nonlinear Schrodinger equation.

Event Date: Jan 24, 2023 in Seminar CMM, Seminars

Abstract: The nonlinear Schrodinger (NLS) equation, also known as the Gross-Pitaevskii equation, is one of the most common equations in physics. Its applications go from the propagation of light in nonlinear media to the description of gravity waves and Bose-Einstein condensates. In general, the NLS equation describes the evolution of nonlinear waves. Such waves interact and transfer energy and other invariants along scales in a cascade process. This phenomenon is known as wave turbulence and is described by the (weak) wave turbulence theory (WWT). One of the most significant achievements of...

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Simplified Kalman filtering for non-linear models.

Event Date: Jan 09, 2023 in Seminar CMM, Seminars

Abstract: We will discuss the problem of approximate statistical inference in the hidden Markov models where the observation equations are non-linear.  We propose a Bayesian approach based on a Gaussian approximation as well as its versions suitable for  “large” problems. The proposed approach may be seen as an approximate Kalman filter which is generic in the sense that it can be used for any non-linear relationship between the hidden state and the outcome. We show how the proposed simplified Kalman filter can be used in the context of sport rating  where the skills of the...

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Statistical Matching using KCCA, Super-OM and Autoencoders-CCA

Event Date: Apr 20, 2022 in Seminar CMM, Seminars

Cédric HEUCHENNE, Université de Liège, Belgium   Abstract: The potential to study and improve different aspects of our lives is ever growing thanks to the abundance of data available in today’s modern society. Scientists and researchers often need to analyze data from different sources; the observations, which only share a subset of the variables, cannot always be paired to detect common individuals. This is the case, for example, when the information required to study a certain phenomenon is coming from different sample surveys. Statistical matching is a common practice to...

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Digital Twin Consortium: The Authority in Digital Twins

Event Date: Nov 05, 2020 in Seminar CMM, Seminars

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Trazabilidad de proximidad vía Aps. La idea, los desafíos y las preguntas abiertas.

Event Date: Jun 09, 2020 in Seminar CMM, Seminars

Ciclo de Charlas Explorando la complejidad de las enfermedades infecciosas   Trazabilidad de proximidad vía Aps. La idea, los desafíos y las preguntas abiertas.   Para participar, solo debe enviar un correo confirmando su interés a sistemascomplejosv (at) y se le responderá con el link a la Charla.

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