On the ascending subgraph decomposition problem.

Abstract: A decomposition of a graph G is a collection of graphs H_1,…,H_m such that G is an edge-disjoint union of H_1,…,H_m.

We say that G has an ascending subgraph decomposition if there exists a decomposition of G such that e(H_i) = i, and each H_i is isomorphic to a subgraph of H_{i+1}. A necessary conditi

Date: Nov 07, 2023 at 16:00:00 h
Venue: Sala de Seminarios Jacques L Lions CMM, Torre Norte Piso 7, Beauchef 851
Speaker: Giovanne Marcelo dos Santos
Affiliation: DIM, Universidad de Chile
Coordinator: Maya Stein
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Posted on Nov 2, 2023 in Seminario de Grafos, Seminars