Visiting Researchers


From 2001, the CMM has received more than 1,000 Researchers visits.

Prof. Luis Cortés Vega

Comes from: Universidad de Antofagasta
Work Area: Partial Diferential Equations, Mathematical Physics, Asymptotic Methods and Computational Arithmetic.

Student: Marlena Meyer

Comes from: Heilbronn University, Alemania
Work Area: Climate & Biodiversity

Prof. Felipe Chaves Silva

Comes from: Federal University of Paraíba, Brasil
Work Area: Mathematical Mechanics and Inverse Problems

Prof. Helmut Gfrerer

Comes from: Universidad Johannes Kepler de Linz, Austria
Work Area: Optimization and Equilibrium

Prof. Sabine Limbourg

Comes from: University of Liège, Bélgica
Work Area: Resource Management

Student: Hector M Lugaro

Comes from: Student at Massachusetts Institute of Technology Cambridge, Massachusetts, Estados Unidos
Work Area: Digital Health

Student: Lucas Toury

Comes from: ENS Rennes, Francia
Work Area: Probability and Ergodic Theory

Prof. Masami Isoda

Comes from: Universidad de Tsukuba, Japón
Work Area: Mathematical Education

Prof. Ravi Sundaram

Comes from: Northeastern University, USA.
Work Area: Algorithms and Combinatorics

Student: Esteban Giraudeau

Comes from: ENS Paris-Saclay, Francia
Work Area: Probability and Ergodic Theory