Raimund Bürger

Raimund Bürger
Principal Investigator (PI) • U. de Concepción Researchers
Dr. Rer Nat. in Mathematics, Universität Stuttgart, Germany (1996)
Diplom-Mathematiker, Technische Hochschule, Darmstad, Alemania (1993)

Institution: Universidad de Concepción
Research Area:
Numerical Analysis
Research interests:
My research is concerned with the well-posedness and numerical analysis of conservation laws and related equations such as convection-reaction-diffusion systems. I am especially interested in PDEs with non-standard ingredients, such as discontinuous and non-local fluxes and strongly degenerate nonlinear diffusion, which are motivated from a range of applications including solid-liquid separation in the mining industry, traffic flow, electrocardiology, and mathematical biology.
Mathematical models for solid-liquid separation of suspensions
Sedimentation-consolidation processes
Settling of slurries
Centrifugation and pressure filtration
Settling and fluidization of polydisperse suspensions
Strongly degenerate parabolic equations
Constitutive laws for flocculated suspensions
Systems of conservation laws
Conservation laws with discontinuous flux
rburger (at) ing-mat (dot) udec (dot) cl
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