Raimund Bürger

Raimund Bürger
U. de Concepción Researchers
Dr. Rer Nat. in Mathematics, Universität Stuttgart, Germany (1996)
Diplom-Mathematiker, Technische Hochschule, Darmstad, Alemania (1993)

Institution: Universidad de Concepción
Research Area:
Numerical Analysis
Research interests:
My research is concerned with the well-posedness and numerical analysis of conservation laws and related equations such as convection-reaction-diffusion systems. I am especially interested in PDEs with non-standard ingredients, such as discontinuous and non-local fluxes and strongly degenerate nonlinear diffusion, which are motivated from a range of applications including solid-liquid separation in the mining industry, traffic flow, electrocardiology, and mathematical biology.
rburger (at) ing-mat (dot) udec (dot) cl
+56 41 266 1317
+56 41 220 3126
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