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Learning to draw and drawing to teach: Considerations for teacher learning.

Event Date: Sep 01, 2020 in Education, Seminars

Abstract Mathematics education researchers and teachers generally agree that drawings support student learning, especially in elementary and middle school. However, drawings are not considered “mathematical;” symbols and equations are considered the main representations of mathematics. In this talk, I will argue why teachers and teacher educators should focus on using drawings as a legitimate form of mathematics. Additionally, I will also argue that a shift to using drawings entails a culture shift in how we think about and do mathematics. I...

Kac’s model with thermostats and rescaling.

Event Date: Sep 01, 2020 in Differential Equations, Seminars

Abstract: In this introductory talk we present Kac’s model in statistical mechanics that involves N identical particles undergoing collisions. Kac introduced this model in 1956 to derive the Kac-Boltzmann equation: a one particle equation. Kac’s approach in obtaining this equation is now known as ”propagation of chaos”. We also introduce thermostats and see their role in speeding up approach to equilibrium. Finally, we introduce a rescaling mechanism for the thermostated Kac model, and establish uniform in time...

“Monitoreo satelital y reportería automatizada de ubicación de Centros de Engorda de Salmones con SAR”.

Event Date: Aug 31, 2020 in Ciclo de Seminarios quincenales de la Alianza Copernicus-Chile, Seminars

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An overview of Sweeping Processes with applications.

Event Date: Aug 26, 2020 in Optimization and Equilibrium, Seminars

Abstract: The Moreau’s Sweeping Process is a first-order differential inclusion, involving the normal cone to a moving set depending on time. It was introduced and deeply studied by J.J. Moreau in the 1970s as a model for an elastoplastic mechanical system. Since then, many other applications have been given, and new variants have appeared. In this talk, we review the latest developments in the theory of sweeping processes and its variants. We highlight open questions and provide some...

Derivadas de valores propios y exponentes de Lyapunov.

Event Date: Aug 26, 2020 in Dynamical Systems, Seminars

ABSTRACT: Voy a presentar un ejemplo simple, como calcular derivadas de la aplicación que asocia a una matriz en GL(n,R) un valor propio simple. Partiendo del ejemplo voy a hablar sobre las derivadas de exponentes de Lyapunov para difeomorfismos con descomposición dominada, y una aplicación para la entropía métrica.

A Tight (3/2+ε)-Approximation for Skewed Strip Packing.

Event Date: Aug 26, 2020 in ACGO, Seminars

Abstract: In the Strip Packing problem, we are given a vertical half-strip [0,W] × [0,+∞) and a collection of open rectangles of width at most W. Our goal is to find an axis-aligned (non-overlapping) packing of such rectangles into the strip such that the maximum height OPT spanned by the packing is as small as possible. Strip Packing generalizes classical well-studied problems such as Makespan Minimization on identical machines (when rectangle widths are identical) and Bin Packing (when rectangle heights are identical). It has applications...

Un fenómeno de concentración de soluciones para la ecuación de Yamabe en variedades producto.

Event Date: Aug 25, 2020 in Differential Equations, Seminars

Abstract: En esta charla estudiaremos multiplicidad de soluciones positivas para la ecuaci ́on de Yamabe en una variedad riemanniana producto (M × X,g + ε2h), donde (Mn,g) y (Xm,h) son variedades Riemannianas cerradas, con n ≥ 3. Emplearemos el procedimiento de reduccio ́n de Lyapunov-Schmidt para encontrar soluciones que tengan varios picos que se concentran en un punto cr ́ıtico de la curvatura es- calar de M cuando ε → 0. Este es un trabajo realizado en conjunto con Miguel Ruiz (UNAM).

A mean-field theory for certain deep neural networks

Event Date: Aug 20, 2020 in Seminario Probabilidades CMM, Seminars

Abstract: A natural approach to understand overparameterized deep neural networks is to ask if there is some kind of natural limiting behavior when the number of neurons diverges. We present a rigorous limit result of this kind for networks with complete connections and “random-feature-style” first and last layers. Specifically, we show that network weights are approximated by certain “ideal particles” whose distribution and dependencies are described by McKean-Vlasov mean-field model. We will present the intuition...

Intermediate entropy property: old and new.

Event Date: Aug 19, 2020 in Dynamical Systems, Seminars

  ABSTRACT:  A dynamical system verifying the intermediate entropy property is one such that any value between 0 and the topological entropy is realized as the measure-theoretical entropy of some ergodic measure. In this talk I will present an overview of the main results involving this property, taking as a starting point a conjecture of Katok and ending by a potpourri of recent results.