Professional Development

Part of CMM’s strategic plan is to create and reinforce existing multidisciplinary groups of engineers, professionals and researchers qualified to tackle a variety of applied problems stemming from challenging industrial projects. The center currently has 11 scientists and more than 4o engineers/professionals working in key areas for the development of the country, including mining, bioinformatics, education, transport, energy, logistics, and others. These engineers and professionals are trained and mentored at CMM by experts in their respective mathematical and engineering areas, and also benefit from the interaction with researchers from applied sciences and professionals from institutions and companies involved in these projects. They play a fundamental role in the transfer of the products of these projects to industry, society and other sciences. Moreover, they constitute an invaluable human resource asset, prepared to join the public and private sector in key areas for the country, and to contribute with highly qualified technical skills in their specialty areas, which are increasingly required for innovation in productive or applied research endeavors.

Additionally, CMM has been an important contributor to the success of the ‘Ingenieria 2030’ project of the Engineering School of UCH, funded by CORFO, aiming at modernizing teaching and training techniques in engineering in the country. CMM plans to increase its presence in this program, offering engineering students the possibility to take part in applied research projects in the framework of their formal training activities, for instance in projects in Data Science and Scientific Computing, which contain topics that are transversal to all engineering activity. This process is expected to stimulate further connections with different industrial sectors.