Postdoctoral Positions

During the last five years, we have had about 30 postdocs in the CMM, with an increasing number of applications (32 in 2012), demonstrating a rising interest in the CMM by young doctors around the world.

Our postdocs come from Latin America (Argentina, Brazil and Chile), Europe, (Germany, France, Spain, Rumania and Switzerland), the USA and other parts of the world such as Australia, China, India, Morocco and Tajikistan.

The majority of them now occupy academic positions in important research centers throughout the world. For example, in Chile and Latin America: U. del Bío-Bío, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, U. de Santiago, U. Técnica Federico Santa María, U. Andrés Bello, U. Adolfo Ibañez, U. de Chile, U. de la República (Uruguay). In Europe: U. Paris VI, U. Paris IX, U. de Pau, U. de Toulon, U. de Strasbourg, U. Grenoble, U. de Montpellier, U. de la Coruña, U. de la Laguna (Tenerife), U. of Bucharest; and in other parts of the world: Indian Institute of Technology, Shanghai U., College of Science (Saudi Arabia), Khorog University (Tajikistan).

Our current postdocts