Andrew Hart

Andrew Hart
PhD in Mathematical Statistics, University of Queensland, Australia (1997)
Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and Computer Science, University of Queensland, Australia

Research Area:
Stochastic Processes, Ergodic Theory and Stochastic Modeling
Works at:
CMM Climate & Biodiversity • CMM Digital Health • Mathomics
Research interests:
Probability and Dynamical Systems
ahart (at) dim (dot) uchile (dot) cl
+56 2 2978 4600
office: 619
University of Queensland Medal, 1994
Australian Postgraduate Award (APA), 1994
Harriet Marks Bursary and Ethel Raybould Prize in Mathematics, 1993
James Cecil Stevenson Memorial Prize and Maude Walker Prize, 1991
AMP Prize in Statistics, 1990