Christopher Paul Ley

Christopher Paul Ley
— Associate Researchers
PhD in Electrical Engineering, Universidad de Chile (2017)
Bachelor of Engineering, Mechatronics, The University of Newcastle, Australia (2011)
Institution: Universidad de Chile
Works at:
CMM Data Science
Research interests:
Focusing on Geometric Deep Learning and Information Theoretic Measures in deep learning including:
- Lossy compression for unsupervised anomaly detection
- Graph neural networks
- Neural Algorithmic Reasoning
- Reinforcement Learning (Deep Q-Learning Networks; DQN) jointly with World Generators (transferable reinforcement learning)
- Imitation Learning of Process Control Systems (Deep Q-Learning from Demonstrations) for a transferable prior for a DQN agent.
cley (at)
office: 710
First Place in the Doctoral Symposium, Best Effort & Presentation, PHM Society (The Prognostics and Health Management Society), awarded October 2015.
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