Jonas Arista

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Jonas Arista
PhD in Mathematics and Statistics, University of Warwick, UK & University College Dublin, Ireland (2019)
MSc in Probability and Statistics, CIMAT Guanajuato, Mexico (2015)
BSc in Mathematics, UNAM, Mexico (2012)
Research Area:
Probability and Ergodic Theory
Research interests:
Currently, my research focuses on the connections between eigenvalues of random matrices and planar non-intersecting models based on random walks, such as the loop-erased random walk (LERW) and the uniform spanning tree (UST). This is naturally related to the theory of Schramm-Loewner evolutions (SLE). This requires an approach that combines techniques in probability, complex analysis, random matrix theory and combinatorics.
jarista (at) cmm (dot) uchile (dot) cl
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Under the supervision of prof. Daniel Remenik. This postdoctoral research received funding from Basal AFB170001.