Michael Schraudner

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Michael Schraudner
U. de Chile Researchers
PhD in Mathematics, Universität Heidelberg, Germany (2004)
M.Sc. (Diploma) in Mathematics, Universität Heidelberg, Germany (2000)
B.Sc. (Prediploma) in Mathematics and B.Sc. (Prediploma) in Physics, Universität Heidelberg, Germany (1997)
Institution: Universidad de Chile
Research Area:
Stochastic Processes, Ergodic Theory and Stochastic Modeling
Research interests:
My research focuses on topological dynamical systems and ergodic theory. More specifically I am mainly working on symbolic dynamics in general and on multidimensional subshifts in particular. This includes shifts of finite type, sofic systems, algebraic shifts, countable-state Markov shifts and the study of their presentations, subsystems, factors, automorphisms and invariants. I am also interested in applications of symbolic dynamics in statistical physics, tiling systems, cellular automata and recursion theory and $C^*$-algebras. In addition my work has connections to formal languages, graph theory, combinatorics and coding theory.
mschraudner (at) dim (dot) uchile (dot) cl
+56 2 2978 0514
office: 709
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Research Grants:
- Proyecto FONDECYT regular No. 1100719 (main investigator). Title: Symbolic dynamics with a focus on multidimensional subshifts II. (03/2010-02/2014)
- Projet International de Coopération Scientifique - PICS (member/co-investigator) CNRS project to enhance established mathematical collaborations between France and Chile. (01/2009-12/2011)
- Proyecto FONDECYT de Postdoctorado No. 3080008 (main investigator). Title: Symbolic dynamics with a focus on higher-dimensional subshifts. (11/2007-10/2009)
- Proyecto MathAmSud 12/01 DySTil (local coordinator Chile). Title: Dynamical Study of Tilings. (01/2012-12/2013)