Ulrike Schmidt-Kraepelin

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Ulrike Schmidt-Kraepelin
PhD in Theoretical Computer Science, TU Berlin, Germany (2022)
Research Area:
Algorithms and Combinatorics
Research interests:
My research focuses on Computational Social Choice and Combinatorial Optimization, in particular I work on liquid democracy, fair division, multiwinner elections, and the aggregation of pairwise comparisons (as in popular matchings, tournament solutions, and dueling bandits).
uschmidt (at) cmm (dot) uchile (dot) cl
+56 2 2978 0515
office: 726
Received the Dimitris N. Chorafas prize for her PhD thesis on Models and Algorithms for Scalable Collective Decision Making (2022).
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Under the supervision of Prof. José Correa. This research received funding from Basal ANID FB210005.